At the April 20, 2022 meeting, we held a vote and the members approved the volunteers for next year.  There are still a few opens positions. If you would like to still volunteer please contact me.We currently have the following positions open to chair for this school year!   If a position happens to be filled, please email me.  We will add your name to the event as a Co-Chair .  Please know that we are here to support you in each role and even if you are new to the school, you will have a team of support behind you!


President- Gina Dyer

Spirit Wear: Gina Dyer

Teacher’s Birthdays: Jayne Vick and Nita Mott 

Fifth Grade Recognition: Gina Dyer, Melissa Milholland, Terri Bonnstetter

Back to School Packs: Jayne Vick 

In Reach/Out Reach: On as needed basis

Membership Toolkit: Gina Dyer

Social Media: Melissa Milholland and Gina Dyer 

Newsletters and Email Communication: Gina Dyer

Copy Room Coordinator: Diane S

Website Management: David Bonnstetter


Treasurer- Tamara Gold

Community Sponsors: 


Shoppers Rewards:  Jaclyn Rosenstein


Secretary- Melissa Milholland

Room Parent Coordinator: Melissa Milholland

Room Baskets: Melissa Milholland

Yearbook: Melissa Milholland

Photographers: Melissa Milholland

Health office support: Jayne Vick and Nita Mott


VP of Fundraising- 

Dine in Dinner Coordinator: Genie Johnson

New Family Liaison: Krista Roland

Halloween Buy Back Program: Lea Savona

            Online Auction: Kristina Galuska, Sharon Stephens, 

                         Christina Gasparino, Melissa Stack, Laura Clemons,

       Meghan DeCell, Trina Pensabene Garcia

                          GALA: Kristina Galuska, Sharon Stephens,

                               Christina Gasparino, Melissa Stack, Laura Clemons,   

                               Meghan DeCell, Trina Pensabene Garcia

Online Auction Computer Entry: Lea Savona

Fun Run: Ryan Preston and Victoria Siko


VPs of Special Events

Boo Hoo Breakfast: Gina Dyer

Carnival: Jill Lassen, Lindsay Lair, Christina Gasparino, Juna Kim, Erikca Kahaner

High School Volunteers: Gina Dyer

Family Fun Nights: 

Goodwill: Terri Bonnstetter

Hospitality: Brehan King and Terri Bonnstetter

Holiday Shop:  Jaclyn Rosenstein



VPs of IB ProgramErin Thompson

Birthday Book Club: Jaclyn Rosenstein

Read-a-thon: Erin Thompson

Book Fairs: Erin Thompson 

Scottsdale Parent Council Representatives: Dave May

Art Walk: Erin Thompson 

Trekkers: Sara Goetzinger


Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events